Our Mission:

Our Approach:

We help businesses reduce their overconsumption of energy by providing them with  a smart energy optimisation platform.

By bringing many small energy users together under one network, OAK empowers the consumer through crowd intelligence.

Why OAK:

Our climate isn’t changing, its degrading at a fast pace because of our lack of basic control over our energy supply chain. This means we view energy as a commodity, instead of what it truly is: a way to empower our future. It is our attitude and approach that need changing.

By providing understanding and control of energy consumption, OAK lays the foundation for a data-driven, prosumer friendly energy sector and a sustainable future.

What is OAK:

Over the past 3 years, we have been developing a digital “data tree”. Each individual member representing a branch, nourishing our live data ecosystem to grow a sustainable community designed to educate, incentivise and reward sustainable behaviour.

We are a team of passionate social entrepreneurs who are enabling today’s technology to lead the way for tomorrow’s clean and inclusive future.


Whole new level of innovation & insight

“The OAK approach has brought a whole new level of innovation & insight to the way that we monitor & manage our power consumption. The installation was fast and flexible. Post trial, we saw immediate returns in terms of re-negotiating our energy provider based on our usage whilst adapting our consumption behaviours also. These savings alone have already paid for the yearly service in just a short couple of months. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with The OAK Network and its community spirit. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to improve their long-term sustainability & impact.”

Michael General Manager at London Cocktail Club Oxford Circus

Fast & Simple

The OAK Network was able give us a quick & precise live picture of our energy consumption. The install was fast and simple. We were quickly able to use the live data to adjust out turn on/off procedures of lights and equipment to see immediate returns. The equipment and platform have provided us with a valuable tool that our energy provider could not. We look forward the upcoming additional insight & service OAK are developing we would highly recommend them to any business looking to monitor and reduce their energy.

Niall General Manager at Victory Mansion

Our Energy Partners

Our network is provided with more affordable 100% Green Energy.

Our Data Approach: