Moritz Uthoff

Partner & CBO

education: Freie Universität Berlin

Why OAK?

I come from an entrepreneurial background where I encountered many different sectors and different departments in companies as well as handling departments within my own start-ups.

None of the sectors I have covered so far had a positive environmental impact on our daily life and the future generations involved. Mostly due to the fact that money reigns all business practises and if done differently, let’s use the term eco-friendly way most companies would stop you right there.

The OAK Network offers a real life solution to a growing problem.: Inefficiencies across the energy value chain, unnecessary overconsumption and just in general a lack of control over energy output.

In five to ten years 2P2 energy trading will be the norm and I would like to take part in helping businesses actually decrease their carbon foot print and ultimately bring the “power” back to the people.

In an ideal world, anybody could have a solar panel on their roof or a home battery to store the energy needed at night or for a week.

We’re here to deliver an ideal energy world.

How did I get Involved?

I had the privilege of studying together with the founder Gaetan, where we both chose Chinese as our language. At our two study semesters abroad in Beijing we quickly realised, having the same mind-frame, that we would only truly be happy through self-driven entrepreneurialism. The past 3 years I created a start-up in Shanghai and got funding by one of the biggest alcohol companies in the world.

While looking on the side lines at Gaetan’s accomplishments I had the choice. Stay in the operational team in China for another 3 years or move back to Europe and help Gaetan increase his reach into the german market. Since his concept is actually making the world a better and greener place, it was an easy choice to make. The unprecedented market size potential, combined with the smart energy development towards green energy usage optimisation in Germany were factors simply not to be neglected.