Our Team

We are more than just a team.

We are an International Movement that seeks to sustain and better our planet for future generations.

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Founder & CEO

Climate change is a clear threat to us all. It also represents the one basic principle that we can all agree on, that we need a sustainable planet to insure the well-being of future generations to come.  However, the last […]

Partner & COO

Why OAK? I have always been fascinated by technological development and its impact on how we live our lives. However, while technological development of the 20th century was unprecedented, it had little regard for sustainability. Now that we have recognised […]

Partner & CBO

Why OAK? I come from an entrepreneurial background where I encountered many different sectors and different departments in companies as well as handling departments within my own start-ups. ​None of the sectors I have covered so far had a positive environmental impact […]

Founder & CoS

Why OAK? The World is slowly but surely heating up, and to be blunt about it the current working generation isn’t looking to do something about it. However, my generation and the next will be heavily affected by it. So […]

Head of Hospitality

Why OAK? 20 years in the hospitality trade have taught me one thing, the customer is always right. So when I met Gaetan, it became clear that OAK had to be something the customer would want to adopt in order […]

Advisor & Lead on HOPES Sustainability cic

Ivor forged a broad, multi-national entrepreneurial career, supporting blue chips and SMEs in the creation and commercialisation of disruptive solutions to accelerate growth. He combines commercial expertise, creative thinking and excellent communication skills to deliver results-driven, collaborative leadership.

Advisory Board Members

Chairman of the Board

Christoph Urban has many years of management experience within Siemens AG, most recently as Chief Financial Officer of Siemens plc in London. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Koç Holding, the leading Turkish group of companies with […]

Senior Advisor

Rob is the Chairman the Investment Committee.  He has been an active investment manager for 20 years and was the founder and Chairman of WHEB, a sustainability-focused investment firm managing funds across private equity, listed equities and infrastructure and one […]

Robert is an advisor of the OAK Network, focusing on fund-raising and leveraging his +30 years of Investment Banking (+20 years at Managing Director level).  He has sector experience in Telecoms, Technology, Real Estate and Industrials verticals.

and many more.